Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pro8mm Completes First Scans on M2

The movement to HD has been taking place at electric speed at Pro8mm and many systems are now up and fully functional. The M2 scanner is working beautifully with scan capacity to 3 high definition standards, 1080i, 108Op and 720p along with putting out the most amazing quality standard definition 525/625 (NTSC & Pal) we have ever seen from small gauge film. Scan's can be done from Regular8, Super8, Max8, 16mm and Super 16mm to HD Cam, Hard Drive or Disc.


The M2 can grab single frames at 1920 x 1080, which gives filmmakers and archivists exciting creative options to create high quality stills from their super 8 and 16mm film. AND IF YOU THINK THIS LOOKS GOOD, WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE THE SCANS IN SUPER 16! Theimages above were shot on Pro8/43 film stock, the New Fuji Vivid film with our prototype Max1014 camera, then scanned on the M2 to 1080 Hard Drive. The MAX 8 modified Canon 1014 XLS produced amazing results! The Max1014 modification is now available at a price of $950.00 for the gate, viewfinder and 85 filter . This is a fantastic opportunity to get Canon 1014 XLS owners into Max8 and Hi Def compatibility. Remember , Max8 is compatible with all Super8 cartridges, and after modification the camera is still compatible with traditional Super8 framing.Pro8mm Scanning on the M2 with daVinci 2K color corrector has surpassed all expectations on many levels as we start our journey to better scanning and the HD world. As the staff watches the images up on the BIG screen, you can't help but be in awe that so much image can be captured on such a tiny frame! This is particularly true when combined with modern film stocks, Max 8 cameras and our award winning processing! You've got to try it to believe it! Our Pro8mm all inclusive discount packages on the M2 start at just $360 for 4 rolls of film (about 10 minutes), processing, prep and clean and scanning to either SD or HD compressed to hard drive. Upgrades are available to uncompressed computer files, HD Cam, Dual Sync, Blu Ray or Pal. Our M2 16mm packages start at just $550 to Hard Drive. Hard drive and disc recording of both compressed and uncompressed files are up and running with the help of our new Raid 0 1.6 Terabyte server and additional back-up memory of 3 Terabytes. All Jobs will be saved for a minimum of 2 weeks for in house back-up. We have not yet finished with the Blu Ray set up , which should follow shortly. CALL FOR PRICING AS WE ARE STILL ADDING NEW SERVICES FOR THE M2 WEELKY! 818-848-5522.