Thursday, May 14, 2009


The Pro8mm Challenge Entry Form

Email address__________________________________________________________
Shipping Address_______________________________________________________
Payment Information check______ credit card______
Billing Address of Card __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Visa___ MasterCard___ American Express___
Card Number____________________________________________
EXP Date_________________ CRV Code _____
Entry Fee $108.00 OPTIONAL
T SHIRT $18.00 each S M L XL XXL ___________
(9.25% tax added to all California residents) ___________

TOTAL $___________
After you enter, you will reveive a film stock list, frame set up form, submission form, and talent release form.
1. One roll of film per entry fee.
2. All projects must be made on a single roll of Pro8mm with in camera editing only.
3. Each entry will receive a Data DVD disk copy.
4. We will send you a submission form that must be sent in with the roll before we process it, along with your frame set up form and talent release form.
5. Deadline for submission is January 1, 2010. Late entries will not be accepted..
6. All film original becomes the property of Pro8mm and will not be returned, until after the competition with both parties signing a release.
7. Pro8mm has the right to include your project in part or whole on our demo reel, website, internet, Youtube, and any other marketing or promotional means. Credit will be given if your project is selected.
8. Your submission certifies that you have all rights associated with your project. Pro8mm will not be held liable and will be held harmless for damages resulting from your project, including, but not limited to talent or copyright violations.

I have read and agree to the guidelines stated above and authorize Pro8mm to charge my credit card for the entry fee of $108.00 plus any optional items that I designated.

Signed___________________________________________________________ date____________

Extended Deadline For Think Big Shoot Small

Pro8mm Announces a Call for Entries for Our Second
The Classic Super8mm Film Challenge

Call for Entries:
The Challenge is simple. Take Super 8 to the next level by shooting a project that will be viewed in HD with gorgeous 1080 resolution!!! Make a short film on a single roll, selecting from any of our 15 Pro8mm film stocks. All editing is done in the camera without splicing. Send the roll back to Pro8mm to be processed and scanned to HD in Pro Rez on our new Millennium II HD Scanner. You will get back your entry on a data disk DVD. Entries will be judged by our distinguished panel. It’s that easy! The top 25 entries will be screened at a dedicated screening and party in Los Angeles, January 2010 (exact date and location TBA.)

First Prize: Pro814 Super 8 Camera
Second Prize: 8 Roll HD Movie Film Package
Third Prize: 4 Roll HD Movie Film Package
Honorable Mention: Several Gift Certificates for HD scanning

Entry Fee: $108.00 which includes the film, processing, scanning and 6 tickets to the screening and party.

Log On to for entry information

Pro8mm 2505 West Magnolia Blvd. Burbank, CA 91505 818-848-5522

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pro Rez Price List

Save money when you go to Pro Res! The Pro Res HD prices are less than our standard HD package prices because there is no cost of tape! Plus, they are a dream to edit with in Final Cut Pro. Packages include your film, processing, scanning, prep and clean and full scene-to-scene color correction on the M2 scanner to hard drive.

Super8 Pro Res 422 HQ Prices

Tester (1) $108
Sampler (4) $336
Sampler (6) $454
Sampler (8) $558
Sampler (10) $672
Movie trailer (12) $767
Short film (24) $1420
You tube (36) $1985
Music video (48) $2595
Documentary (96) $5081
Feature film (192) $9965

16mm Pro Res 422 HQ Prices
Tester (1): $180
Sampler (4): $520
Sampler (8): $860
Movie Trailer (12): $1,185
Short Film (20): $1,910
Music Video (40): $3,635
Documentary (80): $6,880
Feature (160): $12,600

*No downloading fee if your hard drive is formatted MAC, and has a properly functioning ESATA or Fire Wire 800 Drive, or you purchase a drive from Pro8mm.