Thursday, May 22, 2008

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super 8 and small film news blog Widescreen Canon from Pro8mm

Announcing the Canon 1014-XLS MAX 8 Camera Modification: Give your Canon 1014-XLS a giant leap forward by having us convert it to MAX 8, a 16 x 9 widescreen format. This is the second super 8 camera we have introduced with a widened gate (Classic Professional MAX 8 in 2005) so that filmmakers can be HD ready. Widescreen images are essential for remaining competitive in a HD world, and shooting super8 in the modern 16 x 9 aspect ratio allows you to edit your super 8 images with other widescreen formats. The exposed film is then transferred on our custom modified widescreen gate, available on our M2 Scanner or Y Front Ursa Diamond Scanner, giving you 20% more image on the super8 frame.
The Max 8 1014-XLS conversion includes gate modification, the adding of 16 x 9 framing lines to the viewfinder, removing the internal 85 filter which causes image degradation, increasing the take up torque so that the modern, thicker film stocks are less likely to jam, as well as recalibration of the exposure system so that all Pro8mm film stocks will accurately read the exposure from 50-500 ASA. This complete modernization package is available for $995.00. We currently have some MAX8 1014 XLS' in rental only for $300 a day, or $250 with any all inclusive film package.

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