Monday, December 29, 2008


Pro8mm Announces A Call For Entries For Our Second

The Classic Super8mm Film Challenge

Call for Entries:
The Challenge is simple. Take Super 8 to the next level by shooting a project that will be viewed in HD with gorgeous 1080 resolution!!! Make a short film on a single roll, selecting from any of our 15 Pro8mm film stocks. All editing is done in the camera without splicing. Send the roll back to Pro8mm to be processed and scanned to Blu Ray Disk on our new Millennium II HD Scanner. Entries will be judged by our distinguished panel. It’s that easy! The top 25 entries will be screened at a dedicated screening and party in Los Angeles, June, 2009 (exact date and location TBA.) Select footage of these films will be chosen for the new Pro8mm DVD Demo which is sent to production companies worldwide.

First Prize: 12 Roll HD Movie Trailer Package
Second Prize: 8 Roll HD Movie Film Package
Third Prize: 4 Roll HD Movie Film Package
Honorable Mention: Several Gift Certificates for HD scanning

What you need to do:

- Fill out an Entry Form. You can download the PDF Entry at

-Select your roll of film from any of the 18 super 8 stocks Pro8mm makes.

-Include your Entry Fee of $108.00. We accept Visa, Mastercard , American Express or check.

-Be sure to read the Guidelines and sign the entry form at the bottom

-After you shoot your roll, send it back to us for Processing and scanning to Blu Ray before May 1, 2009 along with the Submission Form and Release Form sent to you with your roll.

That’s it! Wait for the Blu Ray to arrive. Think you can do better? Enter as many times as you like.

What Pro8mm will do:
-Once we receive your entry form we will ship you your roll of film along with a Numbered Submission form. We will process, prep and clean and scan your roll of film.

-A full scene to scene color corrected scan will be done on our new Millennium II HD Scanner.

-Each entry will receive a personal Blu Ray copy of their work to keep.

-Parts of your project may make it on our Promotional DVD which is sent out to production companies worldwide. 818-848-5522 2805 West Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA 91505

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