Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sweet Leaf Party

This is the best Super 8 example we have seen so far from a client who has used our work flow for Pro8mm film, processing and scanning to HD on our M2 Scanner to put up work on the internet. We love how the material looks on VIMEO compared to YouTube. Vimeo allows you to put up to 1 gig of data!!! Pro8mm does native film scans of super 8, regular 8 and 16mm to 1080. The difference is remarkable compared to scans that are up-rezed or line doubled. We also LOVE how HD looks on Vimeo compared to YouTube and we encourage filmmakers to try this site!!! We hope this work inspires filmmakers to scan to native HD! We had a blast working with Trigger Studios!
Watch the video "Sweet Leaf Party" by Break Beat!

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