Friday, July 31, 2009

Amazing New Super 8 Film Stock, Pro8/47 500T

Pro8mm Announces Super 8 Fuji Eterna Vivid 500T Film

It's here! The amazing new Pro8/47 500T!
From night sky fireworks to sun reflecting on the open ocean, we absolutely LOVE the versatility of this amazing new Fuji filmstock. Available in Super8 exclusively from Pro8mm, Fuji states "ETERNA Vivid 500 expands the expressive range of high-speed film, producing sharp, color-intensive images under various challenging shooting conditions, including night scenes. New ETERNA Vivid 500 inherits its saturated color, high contrast and superior sharpness from the acclaimed ETERNA Vivid 160. Offering excellent matching with Vivid 160, this E.I. 500 color negative film expands the parameters for shooting sharp, intense color into the realm of night scenes, producing distinctive images under a range of shooting conditions.Exceptional image quality is maintained even during telecine transfer for TV work or digital processing of motion picture footage.Exhibiting superior high-speed performance, ETERNA Vivid 500 ushers in a new era in cinematic expression."

8 stops of latitude, extremely versatile in daylight or night sky, use outdoors or indoors. Add an 85 and neutraul density filter to your camera for best outdoor results. Seeing is believing.
Order at $30 stock and processing. All inclusive packages with HD scanning to Pro Res starting at $108.00. Cut and past into your browser

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