Wednesday, April 28, 2010


CINEGEAR EXPO, JUNE 4 & 5, Paramount Studios Backlot

The Shots are on Pro8mm at Cinegear Expo for the first 40 filmmakers who sign up at the show.   Super 8 is the OG of guerilla filmmaking.  Find out how you can make this beautiful, classic film gauge work in an HD world.

Pro8mm is hosting free hands on Super 8 film shooting sessions at Cinegear.  The one hour time slots begin at 4:15 on Friday and 10:15 on Saturday.  Included is  some basic hands on training, one roll of Super 8 film, processing, scanning to HD, delivered on a data DVD in Pro Res 422, and a free t shirt to all participants!

Filmmakers will start at the Pro8mm booth in groups of 5 with Super 8 film expert Phil Vigeant, (Pro8mm President and Author of The Power of Super 8 Film) and will begin with some basic hands on training.  People can bring their own Super 8 camera, or use one of ours.  They will then have 45 minutes to go around the expo on their own  and shoot their super 8 roll.

At the end of the session, return the exposed film, and the camera if you checked one out to their booth. Pro8mm will process the film the following week at their Burbank lab, and scan the footage to native 1080 HD on their Millennium 2 scanner.  Filmmakers can pick up their disk at Pro8mm.  The best footage will be edited and appear as a demo on the Pro8mm YouTube Channel.

To sign up,  go to their booth, #86 (near the food court) or look for Pro8mm staff roaming around in bright yellow shirts, that say  DO A SHOT WITH PRO8MM.  All participants must have a valid ID and a credit card for a  damage deposit  to check out a camera.  Participants will be required  to sign a release allowing Pro8mm to use the footage.

From cameras to film stock and encoding, all-inclusive workflows that save time and money, shooting tips and more, Pro8mm's Phil Vigeant shares his secrets and tips  that Hollywood insiders have used for years in his new book , The Power of Super 8 Film – Insider Secrets Every Filmmaker Should Know. Autographed copies are available for purchase at the Pro8mm booth.  Check out all the updated gear, including the Max 8 1014 with Crystal Sync, and the launch of their new series of  Super 8 Filmmaker Boot Camps and Seminars.

Pro8mm – 2805 W. Magnolia Blvd.Burbank, CA  91505
818-848-5522   email:

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