Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Audio Encoding System Creates Sync Sound Digital Masters for Small Gauge Film

For immediate Release From Pro8mm – May 7, 2012   Media Contact Rhonda@pro8mm.com

Pro8mm, the company formerly known as Super8Sound™ takes their 40-year legacy as inventors of sync sound for Super 8 by launching an audio encoding system specifically for Small Format Film. While we have offered sync sound masters for Super 8 and 16mm from  fullcoat for many years, our new system is designed specifically for single system film with audio stripe. 

This upgrade of our audio system allows us to scan directly to our state-of-the art Millennium II 2K Scanner with audio and picture in sync. The system can handle all types of sound tracks used in small format film, including Super 8 main magnetic track, Super 8 stereo main and balance track, Regular 8 main track, 16mm with magnetic track, and 16mm with optical audio track. 

Of special interest is our capability to handle audio for regular 8, a specialty that is both unique and rare. Millions of feet of audio stripe are eliminated from archives and private home movie collections because most facilities do not have the capacity to transfer it, and in many cases,  can’t recognize that the sound stripe on the film exists. Our experienced team members are trained to  be able to quickly identify if there is sound on your film and what type it is.

Throughout the history of filmmaking, sound in many forms has been used in conjunction with small gauge film. Sound has been recorded on film either using magnetic or optical systems, and has had many challenges from fidelity
issues to holding sync with picture. Part of the Super8 Sound™ legacy is having been the company to invent a fullcoat recorder and double system filmmaking
so that audio for super 8 film could be done the same way it was done in larger formats.  We continue this legacy today by giving you the opportunity to create a magnificent new digital master of your film and sound in perfect sync with high quality audio. For more information on our history, go to      http://www.pro8mm.com/story.php

Pro8mm will have a base set-up charge for the new system of scanning film with audio. 

Super 8 Main Track, 16mm Optical, 16mm Magnetic
State-of-the art Millennium II Room                   $250 set up
Throw Back Ursa Diamond Room                     $125 set up

Super 8 Two-Track Regular 8
State-of-the art Millennium II Room                   $375 set up

Sound Only Without Picture
Super 8 or 16mm Magnetic                               $250 an hour


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