Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The "New" Super8-85

(Actual super 8 frame shot with this film stock)

We now have an excellent supply of the extremely popular Super8 85 – ASA 100 Daylight Reversal. Clients love this stock and many say it is the best replacement film for discontinued Kodachrome 40. Super 8 85 is now being made from double super 8-85, supplied by Kodak, slit and loaded at Pro8mm. It has 3 stops of latitude and very fine grain. This is a traditional reversal film stock, suitable for projection, or it can be cross-processed as a negative. Cartridges sell for $30 a roll which includes our award winning processing, You can also purchase a test package which includes a native 1080 scan on our Millennium 2 to HD on Blu Ray Disk for $108.00, or in SD to DVD for $88.88. Look for a sample of this stock on Vimeo shortly.

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