Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Modernizing a Classic Super8 Filming Tool: Introducing the Max8 Professional for the 6000 and 7000 Series Beaulieu

Pro8mm is now offering a full Max8 conversion of our 7000 & 6000 series Professional Super 8 Cameras. Revered as the quintessential Professional Super8 camera in the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s, our valued clients who own these gorgeous cameras will now have the opportunity to upgrade them to take advantage of modern Super8 in widescreen for HD filming and scanning.

Conversions are being offered for the 7008 Pro II, the Beaulieu 7008 Pro, and the 7008 S. The 6008 Pro, and 6008S can be converted as well, but will require modifications to the viewfinder and ground glass focus element at an additional cost. The full Max8 conversion expands the camera gate to expose a wider negative. This improvement yields a 20 % increase in usable image when scanning on our M2 or Y Front systems, which have a custom Max8 gate. In addition to the gate widening of the camera, the lens optic is re-centered. A new viewfinder system has been added as well so that the filmmaker can see the 16x9 framing during production. The price of the modification is $995.00.

The Angenieux 8-64mm lens is the best choice to take full advantage of the Max8 modification. The small barrel size insures that there will be no vignette through the lens. In addition, a super wide adapter can be added, which will shift the focal length to 4-32mm, also without vignetting. The Angeneiex 8-64mm lens is an extremely sharp super8 optic, and in our opinion, one of the best ever designed. The lens is available with full collimation for $800.00

We have a limited supply of 7008 Pro Max8 Professional cameras available for purchase at a special introductory price of $3495.00. This includes the Max8 conversion, Angienieux 8-64mm lens, crystal sync modification, water tight Pelican Case, battery pack & charger.

If you want to give it a test drive, the camera is available for rent with Max8 and crystal sync for $300 a day or $250.00 a day with the purchase of any film and scanning package.

Actual MAX 8 Frames


Sean Baello said...

this looks awesome! i wanna take this for a test drive!


jerrod said...

After you've already shot say half the film, is it okay to switch a cartridge from one camera to another, and continue to shoot the rest of the film on the other camera?