Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pro Rez Now Available !



Film, process and scan to Data DVD
Pro8mm is now offering direct encodings of Super8 and 16mm film images to compressed HD file format Apple's ProRez422 HQ. This new system is a highly efficient and versatile way to use small gauge film in High Definition. The files are recorded in real time using a compatible hard drive system directly from the scanner. This significantly reduces the wait time and cost for HD file based sessions. ProRez422 HQ files are ideal for editing & playing high definition on Mac Computers.

ProRez HD files are 1/6th the size of 10 bit uncompressed files. They are 1.33 gigs per minute in 23:98PSF compared to 8 gigs for uncompressed files. This makes them an easier and much faster way to store data. It also makes it easier to move the data from device to device, opening the way for more and less expensive storage options. Given their smaller bit rate, these files can also be played directly on a Mac computers' QuickTime Player. Additionally, they can be used with Final Cut Pro editing software without the need to do additional compression.

Our all inclusive film packages will be available for the new ProRez codec , along with new less expensive drive storage for more savings. With the smaller size, there will be additional saving on Hard Drive space with discounts exceeding 20%.

You can sample this new workflow for $108.00, which includes a single roll of our Pro8mm film, award winning same day processing, prepped, cleaned, scanned and encoded in High Definition using ProRez HQ 422 which we will put on Data DVD.

The price for using ProRez HQ422 Codec and eSata or Firewire 800 Mac formatted drive in a scan session is $80.00 per hour. There is no additional cost for downloading to a drive. The Prorez codec can be used in all 3 common HD Standards: 1080P 23:98 PSF, and 1080I (59.94.), 1080P 25PSF.

You can also test this new workflow for free by requesting the new Pro8mm Data Demo. The Data Demo has samples of all Pro8mm Data workflows. 10 Bit Uncompressed (SD/HD), DVCAM Compressed SD, and the new ProRez HD 422.


SomethingTV.com said...

Wondering if the ProRez file will be editable on a PC, specifically, Adobe Premiere Pro...with a plug-in perhaps?

SomethingTV.com said...

Still wondering if ProRez will be editable in the PC world, or, perhaps if you will be offering the PC version of ProRez, that is, if it exists.